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Family Financial
Of    Central    Ohio


Family Financial Of Central Ohio offers a full range of Financial Services for Individuals and Businesses. 

For Individuals:
   1.  Financial Needs Analysis
   2.  Retirement Planning
   3.  Income Planning
   4.  401k Rollover Advice/Assistance
   5.  IRA's (Traditional/Roth)
   6.  Individual Stocks and Bonds
   7.  Mutual Funds and ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds)
   8.  Managed Money/Wrap Accounts
   9.  Alternative Investments (Gold/Silver/Commodities/REIT's/Pre-IPO Investing)
   10.  Life Insurance (Permanent and Term)
   11.  Long Term Care Insurance
   12.  Disability Insurance
   13.  Health Insurance
   14.  College Planning
   15.  CD's
   16  Money Market Savings
 For Businesses:
   1.  401k/Retirement/Pension Services
   2.  Group Life Insurance
   3.  Group Long Term Care Insurance
   4.  Group Disability Insurance
   5.  Buy/Sell Agreements
   6.  Key Man Insurance
   7.  Group Health Insurance